Even more great 2022 laptops

The choice of laptops on the market in 2022 is really rich and if you are willing to explore even more models that are keeping the optimal balance between their prices and functionality, you will find a lot of useful information in this article.

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 14

Asus Zenbook pro is essentially the laptop that people have been looking for quite a while. This dual screen laptop is the form-factor that was felt like a gimmick in the past since it was found quite inconvenient, was unable to see and that sort.

With Zenbook Pro Duo 14 out it brought that extra feature that lot of people in the industry was looking for. This laptop is incredible for the people with the need to express or bring their creativity out on the go. In the Zenbook Duo 14, there has been some issue people faced, for instance, with the display, which was taken care of on the Zenbook Pro Duo 14.

Asus uses an special kind of software called ScreenXpert. This software enrich users with the small and rich secondary OLED monitor right to the top of their keyboard deck. It has a display of 16:10 as the primary screen. The best thing about this secondary monitor is, it can be used as a giant touchpad, with ASUS pen 2.0 support, with the 096 pressure levels, which is why it is perfect for people in the professional designer or anyone interested in art and graphic design.

This device comes in with high performance chip provided by Intel Core i9- 12900H, which has 24M cache and the base clock, speed starts at 2.5 GHz and goes up to whopping 5.0 GHz with 6P + 8E cores. There are variations if you wanted a little less than this spec. Price range starts from $2000.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen10

This machine have earned its earnest place on one of the finest laptop out there. Previously, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, gen 9, lacked the OLED screen feature, if that was the case, top-notch computer showroom and seller out there would go crazy due to the excessive hike of sells. Gen 10 absolutely took care of the issue and deployed with OLED display.

This major upgrade on 10th generation for ThinkPad X1 Carbon, other than the squared keycaps and larger touchpad, it comes in with the third edition of the Intel Evo spec with a thin and lightweight laptop with 12th generation Core processors. Webcam was upgraded from 720p to full blown 1080p with added background noise cancellation which basically suppress the noise to unnoticeable point with the latest WiFi 6E support.

The price for ThinkPad starts from $1,439 which comes in with Intel Core i5-1240P CPU, memory of 8GB, 256GB PCIe SSD and 14-Inch IPS display with the aspect ratio of 16:10 and 1920×1200 pixel resolution.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen10 has gotten the highest rating as much as whole 5 stars, which you might want to think about on your next purchase.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes in with extra flexibility that you might be looking for. Have you been looking for something which is quite not a laptop, not tab but has that kind of flexibility combined?

Surface Pro 8 is exactly what you should take a look at then.

This is a detachable 2-in-1 laptop with a noticeable sleek design, chassis with large display with ultra-thin 13 Inch screen. Comes in with the improved version over its predecessor, Intel’s 11-th Generation Core i7 “Tiger Lake” processor and Windows 11.

Pro 8 comes in at the range of $1,099.99, which is quite higher than the surface pro 7, which was $749.99. This is due to the immense configuration upgrade over surface pro 7 and comparatively a high-end laptop that bring out the best in lightweight, 2-in-1 experience.

While these laptops are not limited to our selection and it is not that no other laptops beats these devices, these are the top picks that would be direct competitor of the other laptops out there. Lot of these depends on the kind of usage of the users.