What Is The Nicotine Pouch Trend?

Smoking cigarettes is undoubtedly an unhealthy habit known for causing numerous health conditions and harming the environment. And yet, because of the addictive components in a cigarette, people frequently rely on it for stress relief or as part of socializing. Insights from Statista on smoking in the US indicate around 14% of American adults smoke cigarettes. Meanwhile, a more pronounced decline in the smoking rate is recorded among younger people, with only around 11% of adolescents reporting they have smoked a cigarette at least once.

The tobacco found in cigarettes is often mixed with other chemicals such as acetone, tar, nicotine, or carbon monoxide, which are directly harmful to a smoker’s body. In a prior Yesselman post about the impact of smoking, we explain how these chemicals can cause numerous health issues that affect fertility, eyesight, bone mass, and your cardiovascular system. Fortunately, these days there are many alternatives available to help cut down nicotine — and consequently tobacco — intake. One such alternative is the nicotine pouch.

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small bags containing nicotine and other ingredients — but no tobacco leaves. You use it by placing it in your mouth, between your gum and your lip. The top nicotine pouches seen on Prilla include brands like ZYN, ON! and VELO, which were developed specifically for American nicotine users who wanted to toss away their cigarettes, curb their nicotine intake, or wish to enjoy the nicotine experience without the downsides of tobacco. These nicotine pouches come in many forms, depending on nicotine strengths and flavors.

One clear advantage of nicotine pouches is that they don’t need to be lit, charged, or electronically powered. This means that people can enjoy their nicotine without smoking and directly harming their lungs. As they aren’t fire or electrical hazards, nicotine pouches are also safe to travel with, making them a popular choice for those who need their nicotine intake done discreetly. Nicotine pouches allow for more mobility, as you aren’t restricted from smoke-free locations or commodities.

Moreover, nicotine pouches even help people in their journey to quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, 25% of nicotine pouch users
become “unintentional quitters” as they gradually quit smoking — without even intending to. These advantages of using nicotine pouches have recently made the smoking alternative popular in the market.

The nicotine pouch trend

According to Grand View Research’s report on the nicotine pouch market, the global nicotine pouches market size was valued at $1.50 billion in 2021. This number is expected to rise as people turn to nicotine pouches to reduce nicotine intake or use them with the end goal of quitting cigarettes entirely.

This market growth is attributed to the pandemic, as people visibly shifted away from smoking products for fear of increased vulnerability to the virus. Of course, quitting smoking can be difficult for many long-time smokers, thus leading them to search for “gentler” ways to quit or minimize the risks of smoking cigarettes. Nicotine pouches quickly gained popularity due to their availability through legal and reliable online vendors, offering a smoke- and tobacco-free alternative to the habit — unlike electronic cigarettes and vape pens that still produce smoke.

Another advantage that nicotine pouches offer users is the variety of flavors and dosage options across brands in the market. Users can choose from flavors like cool mint to cinnamon, as well as buy the dosage and nicotine level that they need, making nicotine pouches a tobacco-free alternative that can fit all preferences.