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Are you hungry for new gadgets? Check these fresh releases which will soon be available on the market.

The most affordable watch using Google Pay – TicWatch E3 by Mobvoi

The Chinese Mobvoi brand has presented the newest model of smart watch based on the Wear OS. The model called TicWatch E3 is the next version of smart watch coming after TicWatch Pro 3 created by Mobvoi. At the same time, TicWatch E3 is the second model working with the Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor.

What is in TicWatch E3?

TicWatch E3 is a combination of innovation and classic solutions which were chosen by the designers for the sake of keeping the price of this gadget reasonably low so that it will be affordable for many fans of electronic gadgets.

The screen of the watch has 1.3 inches. The screen is covered by a layer of protective glass 2.5D. At the same time, the designers decided not to add the second screen to the watch or use OLED which could have made the overall price of the gadget higher. Thus, you will find a standard LCD only in this model.

Even though the screen of this watch is quite basic, the performance of TicWatch E3 is really high due to the elements used in this watch.

For example, TicWatch E3 is based on the state-of-the-art Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor which is regarded to be the top model of chipset used in smart watches. The designers have also added 1GB RAM as well as 8GB of internal memory.

The battery capacity of this smart watch has 380 mAh which is more than enough for using TicWatch E3 during an entire day without a need to recharge it. Moreover, if you want to prolong the time of performance of this device, you can use Essential Mode. With this mode, it will be possible to use your watch up to two days. pay your attention to the fact, the watch is using a magnetic charger. The set does not include a wireless charger.

The functionality of TicWatch E3

The set of the functions available in this smart watch is quite standard for such a type of a device. Here you will find a range of detectors capable of analysing the level of oxygen in your blood as well as the frequency of your heartbeats. these parameters can be tracked by TicWatch E3 during an entire week without a break. In addition to it, you will be able to generate a report about your breathing patterns during the day, check the level of stress and track the physical activity. There are twenty modes for measuring the physical activity of your body.

Other elements of the watch are an accelerometer and gyroscope.

On top of that, TicWatch E3 is using three navigation systems. They are Beidou, GPS as well as GLONASS.

TicWatch E3 will give you access to the Google Assistant as well as Google Pay.

Leitz Phone 1

Are you crazy about photography? No matter whether you just enjoy making photos for yourself or you are doing it professionally, in all likelihood, you will be very curious about the first smartphone released by Leica.

What is Leitz Phone 1?

Leitz Phone 1 is the product of a long-term cooperation of Leica and Huawei which is a branded version of Sharp AQUOS R6.

As you can imagine, the reason for purchasing Leitz Phone 1 is its amazing camera. The camera module is located on the back panel of the smartphone and this module is rather large. There is a special magnetic coverage for the camera of Leitz Phone 1.

The resolution of the camera sensor is 20 Mp whereas the selfie-camera of Leitz Phone 1 has 12 Mp. There is an additional optic system with seven lenses in this phone, LED lamp as well as ToF-sensor.

Pay your attention to the fact that so far, Leitz Phone 1 has the largest photosensor among all of the smartphones available on the current market. The size of this sensor is 1 inch which will guarantee you very impressive photos since such a sensor determines the amount of light captured.

The technical parameters of Leitz Phone 1

The screen of Leitz Phone 1 is Pro IGZO OLED of 6.6 inches. The resolution of the screen of this smartphone is 2730×1260 pixels. The maximum refresh rate of the screen is 240 Hz.

The memory capacity of this smartphone is 256 Gb whereas the capacity of its battery is 5000 mAh.

Other great features of this model is water protection IP68. The smartphone also supports microSD cards and NFC as well as 5G- modem.

So far, this phone can be purchased only in Japan. Its price is 1700 USD.