Do not miss the newest tools available for the Android users – September overview

In this article, you will find an overview of the most useful apps for the Android devices released in September. With their help, you will be able to change your smartphone not just into a multifunctional device but also in an extra equipment.


If you have an old smartphone at home which you are currently not using, you can easily change it in a web camera! This is an amazing feature which can be turned on with the help of a new app created for Android.

In order to use your smartphone as a web camera, you should install Camo which is now available in Google Play. The programme has also to be installed on your computer and synchronised with your phone. In such a way, you will be able to use your phone instead of a regular web camera with a range of popular services such as Skype or Zoom.

Of course, the only problem you will need to solve in such a way is installing your phone in a convenient position as your phone cannot be set on a monitor as it is possible in the case of standard web cameras. Yet, this is not a great issue as purchasing a simple phone stand is cheaper than getting an entire web camera.


Even though it is possible to set the time for deactivating your phone’s display so that it will not be lightened all the time if you forget to turn it off or for any other reason, this stand feature is not perfect. In fact it is useful to set the timer for turning the screen off in a quite short time but in some cases, you will need it to work for  alonger time.

The best solution for this issue is to use a new app available in Google Play as AceScreen.

AceScreen can detect when the phone is in new hand not allowing it to turn the screen off. At the same time, it can even detect the movement and use it for turning the screen on. This is a very useful feature, for example, when you are riding a bike.


While almost all of the new models of smartphones have an ability of scanning QR codes, it would also be useful if they could be suitable for scanning ordinary bar codes. For this purpose you can install a multifunctional app known as Barquode.

With its help you will be able not only to decrypt graphic symbols, but also save them and store on your phone and even create your own.

Audio Editor Pro

Are you looking for a free tool for working with audio file for your smartphone? Try Audio Editor Pro which can be used for trimming sound recordings, changing the level of sound of the audio material, converting them into other formats of sound and also add various sound effects.

Of course, this programme is certainly not a professional one, but it can be used whenever you quickly need to make some basic changes in the audio file.

Privacy Dashboard

One of the greatest newly created apps for Android is Privacy Dashboard. You might have already come across a new function of Android 12 which is called exactly like this app. Privacy Dashboard is a actually an alternative to the new function of the newest version of Android which is unfortunately available only to the users of the newest smartphones.

Still, due to Privacy Dashboard, you will be able to install a separate app with similar functionality. This programme will keep a track of the apps installed on your phone detecting any usages of your camera, microphone and geolocation. Once it is happening you will see a small icon on the screen and will be able to react by turning off the permission for usage of these components by other programmes.