The best iOS games: October review

Are you longing for new games which can be played on your iOS device? October has given several amazing options for the users of iOS devices many of which are available absolutely free of charge. This October review will provide you with great ideas for mobile gaming.

Botworld Adventure

Are you already bored with the variety of RPGs available for iOS devices? Check one of the latest games of this genre which is Botworld Adventure.

One of the most amazing features of this mobile RPG is the fact it has an open world. Another one is the variety of characters which includes four types of animals. Their task will be the exploration of the game locations and creation of robots-warriors. The exploration of the world will give you access to elements which can be used for the creation of new robot animals needed for fights with other players.


If you are looking for a game with tasks for boosting your intellect and exercising your brain which will not be dull, you should pay your attention to Nauticrawl created by Armor Games Inc.

The game is very peculiar since, in fact, it is of an adventure genre, however, you will need to spend some time on learning about the functions of mysterious and highly technological apparatus known as nautocrawler. This will be absolutely crucial if you want to escape from aliens. You will need to figure out the functions of this machine and also learn the way you can pilot it. In all likelihood, you will have to die many times before you are finally able to use all the knowledge collected in practice.

Nauticrawl can be played for free.

Daddy Rabbit

In case you are looking for even more puzzles, you might be interested in playing the Daddy Rabbit game. This game created by Manuel San martin is a combination of an arcade and a puzzle. It consists of twenty levels in which you will need to help the rabbit father to find all of his rabbit babies. These bunnies have run all around the farm and are now hiding in countless underground tunnels.

While looking for these babies, you will have to search through the tunnels and avoid zombies. At the same time, you will need to keep your level of energy high by consuming carrots regularly.

One of the major advantages of this game is state-of-the-art graphics with cartoonish characters.

Daddy Rabbit is also available to the users of the iOS devices free of charge.


One more puzzle recently released for the iOS devices is Arctictopia which will pr4esent you a story of a family of polar bears. The game is strongly connected to the topic of ecology so will certainly be loved by the people who are particularly concerned about the natural environment or want to educate their children about this.

The story of the family of the polar bears of Arctictopia is unfortunately rather dramatic as they had been separated by global warming and are now drifting in the sea not knowing now to reunite. A player will have to find passages between the ice so that all of the bears can be together again.


Are you missing platformers? Marble-Mage is one of the best games of the genres among the recently released games for iOS devices. This game is equipped into the mechanics of Super Monkey Ball.

The idea of this game is itself curious as your task will be helping an unlucky wizard to come back from an unknown dimension where he had accidentally got in his magic bobble. This task will not be thus simple since all in all there are sixty levels waiting for players where they will have to show really good coordination of movements.