Suffocation: upcoming events in 2022

Fortunately, there are a number of upcoming rock and metal events waiting for the real fans this year. Even though some of the concerts and festivals were cancelled, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the live performances of Suffocation this year.

In case you are still unaware of the works of one of the most notable metal bands, it is high time you should get acquainted with their music. This article will provide you with both a short introduction into the music of Suffocation as well as the dates of the future music events in which the band is going to take part.

What is Suffocation?

Suffocation is a death metal band formed by New York boys Frank Mullen who started as the front man (Vocalist), Guy Marchais on guitar, Todd German on guitar as well, John Barohn on bass guitar and another drummer who is regarded as unknown, however, according to other sources, this person was Dave Culross. If you are the fan of this band or you are looking for more death metal bands to explore, this article is perfect place to get acquainted with Suffocation.

Suffocation is especially known for its world-famous album „Effigy of the fogotten” released in 1991. Their second most noticeable album would be ‘Pierce from within’ released in 1995. This one was released under the Roadrunner labels. This album is regarded as one of their other most mentioned and recommended albums. If you have not managed to check this band out, you certainly should give it a go. You certainly would dig this band. Their latter albums also have a lot to offer.

The music of the band has created a unique blend of  brutal slam metal as well technical death metal. The early works of Suffocation were influenced by Sepultura which is one of the most famous thrash and doom bands of the world originated in Brasil as well as British Napalm Death performing in the genre of death metal.

When and where will you be able to listen to Suffocation live?

In February, there is still a number of events in which Suffocation is going to take part. On the 22th of February, you will be able to listen to them in Munich, Germany. There was supposed to be a concert the next day in Vienna, Austria, planned to be hosted in Arena Wien – Grosse Halle, however that event was cancelled.

The next concert will also take place in Germany, this time it will be in Leipzig in Hellraiser. The date of the concert is the 25th of February.

There will also be two concerts in Netherlands in February. On the 25th of February, the concert will be held in Hengelo, in Metropol Hengelo, whereas the next day Suffocation will be performing in Rotterdam in Baroeg.

There were planned two concerts in Czech Republic at the beginning of March, however they had already been postponed. Then, Suffocation will come back to Germany, however, this time the band will be playing in Kassel on the 3rd of March and in Berlin on the 4th of March.

Note that Suffocation has a massive tour around the world this year. All in all, the band in visiting fourteen countries this year and is planning to give 61 concerts. If you are from Europe, it might be easier for you to watch the band performing live in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic or Netherlands which have already been mentioned above, as well as in Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, The UK, Belgium or Slovenia.

In addition to it, the band will be visiting Canada and The USA.