Time spent by the U. S. consumers on smartphones is now over 5 hours daily

It is becoming more and more obvious that people are not able to live without their smartphones. The current trend shows a serious growth in the time an average smartphone user in the USA spend on smartphones on a daily basis by 69% compared to the previous year. Actually, so far it looks like in the USA, people spent over five hours a day primarily on the mobile apps which are now a way more popular than browser-based apps.

What are the American consumers using their smartphones on?

The latest statistics shows that that the U.S. mobile users spent 92% of all of the time on mobile apps whereas only 8% of the time on browsing. Pay your attention that so far, the consumers living in the USA spend more than five hours on working with their smartphones every day.

When it comes to browsing the Internet, 11% of the total time is used for gaming. 9% of the time the smartphone users are checking for the utilities online whereas 5% of the time is used for online shopping. Only 4% of the total time people use their mobile browsers for productivity enhancing activities, whereas 3% of the time is spent on checking the weather and news. 2% of the time people are checking sports related websites.

When it come to the apps installed on smartphones, the most time-consuming mobile programme is Facebook. People in the USA tend to spend nearly 19% on this app on average. Other social networks and messaging itself takes 12% of the time on average.

Of course, various apps related to entertainment, media and music are highly time-consuming as well. On them people tend to spend around 14% of the total time. YouTube itself takes 3% of the time whereas Snapchat 2% of the time.

When using a smartphone can be called an addiction?

It does not matter whether this statistics is relatable to you or not as there is still a high probability that you might have already developed a strong connection to your smartphone which is overcoming normal usage of the device. There are several crucial signs of a smartphone addiction which you should be aware of.

In fact, the signs of an addiction to a smartphone are very close to the symptoms of other addictions, however, it is a very special type of an addiction as smartphones are generally very useful and you might need the apps you are addicted to for your work or education. Anyway, people are generally addicted to a particular service rather than to the smartphone itself.

One of the most real symptoms of a smartphone addiction is the urge to check an app or a web-service which is thus strong as it can even grow into a compulsion which means you will be checking it without even being aware of it. If you do not have a chance to check this particular service, you can feel a boost of anxiety, get a bad mood and other unpleasant sensations and emotions which are usually accompanying the addictions.

The difference between a necessity of checking a website or an app of a practical use and an urge coming with an addiction can also be checked by your reaction afterwards. If you feel bad after finally getting into the app or website you wanted to check thus badly, it is also a sign of an addiction. The anxiety related to this can be even higher if you spend more time on the service than you wanted to.

Of course, a crucial part of an addiction is a gradual increase in the time spent on online services or apps. You might also first need to resign from sleep in order to be able to get engaged into your addictive behaviour and, with time it can also spread on other tasks, for example work or studies.

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