Surprise for the real fans of Heroes of Might and Magic III

If you have spent years playing your favourite Heroes of Might and Magic III video game, you will be excited to find out that Polish company Archon is now cooperating with Ubisoft on the development of a board version of the classic strategy. The game will incorporate the crucial features of the video version of Heroes of Might and Magic III for the guarantee of absolute fun for players.

Certainly, you are curious what this game will have to offer to the players. This article will tell you the facts which are already known about the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game.

Fractions and heroes

Heroes of Might and Magic III is known for a large variety of heroes with unique abilities and skills as well as a nice set of fractions available to players. Even though the designers of the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game are not planning to use all of these characters and fractions in their final product, there still will be a nice choice of options.

First of all, there will be three fractions. The first two have already been chosen by the team of designers and they will be Castle and Inferno. The third one will be chosen by voting which means you can also take part in the process of the development of the game. Visit the official website of the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game for more information about the voting for the third fraction and the choices available to the players.

Each of the city available in the game will have two heroes and a whole bunch of creatures typical for a particular fraction just like it is in the video version of Heroes of Might and Magic III. The great part o the game is the way the creatures and heroes will be presented. For this purpose, the developers of the game are creating over thirty amazing figurines with a very detailed appearance which any true devotee of Heroes of Might and Magic III will appreciate. By the way, it is know for sure the game will have archangels and dragons.

The learning path of heroes

Needless to say, the learning process of heroes is one of the most exciting parts of the video game. Each hero of the game has one’s own predispositions to particular skills and there is a variety of ways to improve them. This part of the video game will be transferred to its board version.

The magic skills of your heroes can also be improved in the board game. There are four schools of magic in the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game and the skills can be learnt in the castles.

Of course, the developers are going to add artefacts to their game which can improve the performance of heroes and definitely make the game even more exciting.

The game mechanics

The players of the video Heroes of Might and Magic III game are aware of the fact the exploration of the map is an essential part of the gaming process. Everything starts with a small spot of a visible land surrounding the city and the moves of a hero are extending this spot making more and more of the map visible to the player. The designers of the board game are planning to add this feature to their game as well. The solution is adding more elements of the map around the city when the hero will be moving.

Another crucial part of Heroes is its tactic combat system. This will be present in the board game as well with its traditional chess-like appearance.

When will you be able to play the Heroes of Might and Magic III board game?

Unfortunately, there is no planning date of the release of the game yet. Still, it is known that on November 2022 Archon is starting crowdfunding of the production of this game with the help of the Kickstarter platform. There, you will also be able to order your Heroes of Might and Magic III board game.