Protector – don’t miss the concerts in 2022

Death metal is a sub-genre of Heavy metal. It generally combines heavy and thrash metal, which is much fast paced and heavier and evil sounding than just heavy metal. If you have been into metal, and looking for some recommendations, you are exactly in the right place!

To start off, there are lot of bands achieved mainstream success like Death, Cannibal Corps, Napalm Death and others. Since they were the inevitable part that contributed to the solid growth of the heavy gruesome death metal scene, there have always been some underground gems that deserves lot more attention than being low key. One of them is Protector which will be giving its concert on the 11th of June 2022 in Czech Republic. You still have time to explore the music of this band and have a great time attending their live performance!

Have you already come across Protector?

If you have the mutual taste in metal, YouTube algorithm high likely will suggest you Protector. First thing, that caught my eyes and immediately made me interested was their artwork. The very first one that got me was the artwork from the “A Shedding of Skin”. I jumped right in and it got me musically as well. The first thing you will certainly notice is that how heavy sounding they are. The whole arrangement of the songs, heavy as pounding riffs, their guitar tone that cuts through the blasting drums and the grounded bass, perfect death metal vocal, altogether the first impression will naturally feel solemn faith to check out their other works as well.

Protector: a little bit of history

Definitely, they require some introduction in case it the very first time you hear about this band.

Protector is a German band. Their genre falls between Death and Thrash metal, but they also have tracks sounds like doom metal. Still, their works are mostly created in the genres of  Death and Thrash metal. These boys kicked start their journey with Protector in 1986 by the founding member Michael Hasse on drums, “Hansi” Mϋller playing guitar and Micahel Schnabel on bass.

They started the time when bands like Kreator, Sodom, Destruction was burning down the audience into ashes, meaning they had already been on the roll spreading out of German, while Protector reached the peak and international recognition lot later in their career. Still, they were creating heavy buzz in the local scene and throughout Germany.

Protector: the first albums

They released a demo called ’Protector of Death’ followed by a mini LP called ‘Misanthropy’, receiving a good deal of reviews in metal and alike magazines. No wonder, you will hear that wicked sound from the very first track from this album.

Their second LP ‘Golem’ will leave you awestruck with that old-school sounding thrash metal with the same heavy wicked sound. Their third album ‘Urm the mad’ received bad critics although this sound and the album art is a gem to the old-school metalhead diggers like me and you of course if you dig old-school metal as well.

The career of Protector

They performed along with Kreator, Sodom and Destruction as well gaining mad ass fan base. They have gone through some line up changes having Martin Missy’s mad sounding thrash voice replaced with Oliver Wiebel. This time the transition in their musical direction was pretty apparent from the album like “Leviathan’s Desire” establishing more Death Metal sound than Thrash sounding.

The band toured with death metal giants like Napalm Death and Entombed. They then released “A Shedding of Skin” in 1992 with more Death Metal oriented approach and killing it as well! The band was on pause and band members left and joined back except for Marco Pape who kept the bands spirit alive and kicking, later on releasing more albums that leaves you with a fatal blow on your back to make you come back to their evil sound over and over again. Fantastic band!

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